Five Free Halloween Costumes: Homemade Costumes for Older Kids

Five Free Halloween Costumes: Homemade Costumes for Older Kids

Here are five ideas for costumes for older kids, which can be made at home and cost nothing.

Here are 5 costumes that will cost you nothing, and very little time or effort. These ideas are better suited to slightly older kids, and they can pull them together without any effort, they also won’t need much help from parents.



Your kids will know what to do! Safety pins, ripped cloths black eye liner    lots of chains.


Rap artist 

Baggy everything: baggy pants, baggy T-shirt. Big sports shoes, big neck chain with a large pendent and a baseball hat worn to the side. They can add an earring or bracelet.


Injured Person

Can be someone who was in an accident or just fell off his skateboard. You need clothes you can rip and get dirty, some plasters, band aids, bandages and some fake blood or ketchup. Wrap the bandage around his head, rip, cut and stick plasters on his “wounds”.

Old Person 

Give him/her some old people’s clothes, a stick to use as a walking cane, and powder his/her hair with talc/baby powder. Draw on some wrinkles, and they’re ready to go. You can jazz it up for the kid that wants to shock and give him a fake knife or meat carver, and he can be the crazy old woman from Psycho.

Opposite Sex 

Guys go for this one more than girls. Dress them up in their brother or sister’s clothes, for the boys add make-up and heels, perhaps even a feather bower, for the girls add a bit of beard.

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ichyru rouge, posted this comment on Oct 1st, 2009

punk ?!? haha thats stereotypical !!! punk isnt lots of chains and heavy eyeliner. its just a sorta edgy look. chains is goth and heavy eyeliner can b worn with any. stereotypical !!! gawd yu people drive me crazy

Nina, posted this comment on Feb 22nd, 2011

I’m dressing up as an Indian this year, in a sari (with a shirt underneath, duh.)
My brother though, is dressing up as a jewish pirate. He’s going to wear tzitzit over a red or whit shirt, wear boots, blue pants, a bandana and a pirate hat, a sword (of course) and Gelt. :) Admit it, a stroke of genius. :D
I always make my family’s purim costumes, because I’m artistic and i know how to sew. It’s very fun. we almost never buy them. except for the swords and stuff.

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